How To Market Your Business ? [4 Methods to Improve the Marketing Strategy]

Introducing a business before customers is a hurdle to most of the companies. Companies are spending huge amount for this. But most of the companies can’t attract the target customers to their business/product. Lack of proper planning and failure of ideas have great role in it. Another aspect is the improper use of medium for marketing. We can see that lot of companies are still depending on traditional marketing strategies which have no difference from their competitors.

We can see that internet and social media have high influence in customers. Most of the customers are checking reviews before buying a product. They also search the features of the product in search engines and compare the product with competitors. So influence of internet also helped the marketers to introduce the products before the customers easily.
Let’s check the various methods for market the business.

Social Media

Social media marketing is very easiest way to market a product or business. There are lot of social media platforms which a business can utilize. They are
  • ·    Facebook
  • ·    Instagram
  • ·     Whatsapp
  • ·     Pinterest
  • ·     Twitter

A company can start an account on these social media platforms and share the details of the product and promote the product through this method. Main feature of social media marketing is its wide reach. We can reach the target customers with short time and without spending any cost.

There is another method in social media marketing is creating advertisements. Companies can create advertisements in Facebook, Google ads and run advertisements thorough the social media and other websites.

We can also use social media platforms for clearing the doubts and queries of the customers in the fastest way. We also can collect the feedback and reviews of the products directly from customers through social media.

Social media can also use for conducting the surveys and opinions of the customers. This is very valuable to the company. Company can use this data for improving the product and research purposes.


Most of the companies are giving free gifts to customers. We can see that companies are selling products are giving some quantity free to customers for attract more sales.  Most of the software providers are offering free trial and additional subscription for their products.

Giving free never becomes a burden to a company. It gives proper knowledge about the product to the customers. We can see that the companies which distributed the samples of the product gained more sales and profit and increased the brand image.

Telecom companies are also using this marketing technique. They also are taking the advantage of advanced technology for marketing. Giving more offers and free talk time attract more customers to a network.

Connect with past clients

Connect with past clients help to maintain a better relationship with customers and the company. A company can send emails with the product discounts offered for them, latest product details, ask for referral and give commissions for referring to a customer etc.
Connecting with the past clients/customers also retains or bringing them back to the product and increase sales. It is also a technique for introduce a new product to the existing customer. Communication with a customer gives an individual consideration to the customer and it is effective for clearing the doubts of the customer, solving complaints, collecting the feedback.


Networking is also a better option for marketing. Companies can conduct a networking event with major clients and improve the relationship with customer.  Networking events gives an opportunity to share the customer’s opinion and ideas which is very helpful for the company for further improvement. In networking events companies can also introduce their new products without using any other marketing techniques.


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