How to Promote Your Business through Online for free? [Simple techniques which every business can follow]

It is essential to promote the business through online media because of the influence of internet and social media in marketing. There are lot of ways for promoting a business in internet. There are paid and unpaid strategies for promotion. We can see that social media have good influence in customers and lot of companies are using the paid and unpaid promotions for their business.


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. So it has influence in customers. So we can promote our business through Facebook. Facebook is totally free for usage. And there are paid options like Facebook advertisements provided by the company to publish video advertisements through Facebook.
Let’s check the free business promotion techniques through Facebook.

Facebook page: If a company needs to promote their business through Facebook, the best option is to create a Facebook page. It is free to create a Facebook page and company can post the product details, collecting customer feedback, share blogs and articles through this. Company can improve their services by collecting the feedback from customers and making necessary changes.
Facebook Groups:  Facebook groups also a better platform for sharing the contents. We can create the Facebook groups or we can join other’s groups. We can promote our business through this, Like Facebook page, groups also gives customer’s feedbacks in the form of comments. So creating a Facebook group is also a better option for promoting the business.


Pinterest is also a platform which we can promote our products. We can create pins in Pinterest, which we can add our product’s photo and the website link of our company. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media network, with in few years it will get huge popularity in the world. Most of the bloggers are using Pinterest to generate traffic to their websites. So it is proven that Pinterest is one of the best platforms to promote your business ideas.


YouTube is the other platform for promoting the business; a company can create a YouTube channel which is totally free and promote the business. They can also give the demonstration of the product, review of the product, customer’s feedback etc. which will create a great impact. YouTube is also providing subscribing button, which helps to get notifications to the subscribers when the company add a video to its channel. So company never need an additional promotion for each video. Company only need to promote the channel, which can be added number of videos.

Linked in

Linked in is a professional networking site which is available all around the world. So it is also have wide reach like Facebook, YouTube etc. In linked in, we can create a company account and promote the business. It is also a free platform which has no any hidden charges. Linked in is also very user friendly platform. Company can share their products, ideas, both in picture and audio format.

Another feature of linked in is, the company can recruit employees through linked in. most of the multinational companies have presence in linked in and they are using linked in for talent acquisition. So linked in is very helpful to both employers and employees.

Like other platforms, linked in also providing the groups. We can create a group with our own company’s name and promote products. And also we can join other groups and promote our products.

The important thing to be noted when promoting a business through online media is communication. Company should find time to answer the customer’s questions. Also there is a chance for getting the complaints through the online medias, so company should solve the issues and maintain a good relationship with customers.


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