How to Start a Website for Your Business?

Today, in digital world website is very essential for any business.  Website helps the customers to access for the company’s products and services. Area they located, services offered area etc.  We can see that the company is communicating with customers through their website. And website gives a clear idea about the company, its starting date, vision, mission etc. So the website of a company is an important factor for improving the business and maintains a good communication with the customers.

For creating a website there are few things to be noted. It needs a hosting, domain and website platform. There are lot of hosting providers and hosting should be decided according to the website. 

There are different hosting plans available from 45 rupees per month to thousands. Then next step is to buy a domain. Always buy the domain according to the name of the company. .com – websites are mainly used by the companies and it is a high quality domain. 

Next is a platform for making website. Those who know html coding can easily make a website. For others, who have less knowledge about creating a website can depend on word is a highly customisable platform for making a website. And lot of fee templates are available for 

How to Start a Website for Your Business?

There are lot of video tutorials which helps to create a website with this platform. It helps to create the website with attractive pages and lot of options are available for adding new features on website.
When creating a website, necessary information should be added. 

They are
·         Name of the company
·         Logo of the company
·         Location of the factories, registered offices.
·         Employee details
·         Registration and other related data
·         About the company, when it is started? [brief description of the company]
·         Products and services offered
·         Contact numbers
·         Email address
·         Vision, mission and objectives of the company.

When these data’s are added, we can add the company websites to online directories. It helps to find the website in search results.
Add company location in Google maps and register in Google business. It will also help the customers to find the company through online.

Hosting Plan and Domain

There are different hosting providers in India. Hosting plan price depends on the usage. One of the best hosting providers is Hostinger.  They provide affordable plans which are very helpful to customers. Domain can be purchased according to the company name. The domain which ends in .com or .in is better for Indian companies. They are top ranked domains.

How to study the website making?

 There are lot of hosting providers which only allows purchasing the hosting for creating a website. And they have monthly and annual plans. But for a student it is not affordable for purchasing a hosting for this. There is a solution for that. offers free hosting which never charges a single rupee for making a website. They also provide a free domain for creating the new website.

The main feature of the blogs is its plugins.  There are efficient plugins like Yoast SEO which helps to improve the search engine optimisation.

Website updating is very important. Company should update the website in regular intervals and it is a place for sharing the data of the new products. Company can also sell their products through online and accept payments through online.

Before starting a website, we should check the competitor’s website and develop your website according to it. Website should contain keywords which the search engine can identify the website easily.  By following these steps you can create a good website to a company.


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