Hai guys, are looking for a best idea to start a business in Kerala? Then you are in the correct place. I will give you the top best 15 business ideas you can start in low investment.
Kerala is a best place to start a small businesses. Lots of businesses and companies are coming day by day. Let's go to the topic.

Here are the best 15 Ideas

    1. Decoration business

    This is a best business idea in Kerala. Decorating business is a best idea. You can start a decorating business and you can decorate home, party halls, church, temple etc.. In this business you don't want to invest more money. aif you don't have a knowledge about how to decorate. You can also watch YouTube videos and you can learn from that.

    2. Home tuition business

    If you have a knowledge about any subjects like maths, science etc. you can start tution business from home. Nowadays, all the parents are aware of their children's studies. There is a shortage of teachers. You can choose the fees.

    3. Buying & selling household goods

    You don't have money to invest? No problem you can make money drom your home. But how? You can collect your home junks items and yiu can sell through classifieds. You can also buy this junks to recycle and earn more money. You can purchase products in wholesale from manufacturers in low price and you can sell that in the market with your price.

    4. Poultry farming

    Nowadays, Poultry farming is make a huge amount of income daily. If you have low budget you can start a small scale business. If you have high amount to invest you can do big. If you worked hard the success will come out and your business also grow very fast because non-veg earers are increasing day by day. You can make 2 types money from this. First one you can sell chicken meat second one you can sell chicken eggs also..

    5. Ice-cream making

    This is a best business for people living in a place there are more children's. Because children's like ice cream most. In your area there are a lage number of children your business will griw fastly. You want some investment to make ice creams. If your business will going very good yiu can hire staffs.

    6. Paper plate and cup making business

    The demand of paper plates and cups are increasing day by day because of the government has banned plastic. You can utilise this situation to make a huge profit. This provides you a great opportunity, as it is not only using in hotels, road side shops this is also using in very big companies.

    7. Open a Hair Saloon 

    If you have the knowledge to how to cut hairs this is a best business option for you. You can start a new hair saloon in villages because therw are only some shops. In this you need to invest some money to buy products for the shop.

    8. cake making

    You know how to make a cake? If you know you can makes cakes from homea and you can sell it to tje bakery shops. If yiu don't Know how ti make cake. No problem because there are more video's in YouTube to make cake and you can watch that video and make your first try if you will succeed. You can start this business.

    9. Embroidery in clothing

    Nowadays everybody wants to wear stylish and beautiful dresses to wear. You can utilise that. If yiu know hiw to make embroidery you can start the business now. If you don't know and you liked that you can watch videos and can learn from that.

    10. Fish farming

    If you are living in a village and you have a small pond. This is best option for you. You can start Fish Farming with a low investment. You want buy a fish which you can make high profit. If you want to make a big farm you can apply for a loan. Government are providing loans dor farmers.

    11. Photocopy and bookbinding business

    You can start a Photocopy business. You want to make the store in the area are located near tehsils, courts and other offices. If everything is well you cam earn a good profit.

    12. Mobile repairing shop

    If you have the technical skills yiu can start a mobile repairing store. You can make more profit because the using of smartphones are increasing day by day. Yiu can start the business in your house and also to start a new store.

    13. Mobile recharge store

    This is another a good option for jobless people. If you are living in a village you can earn more because  there are no more stores to recharge. In this work there are no high work ro do.

    14. Beauty Parlour

    You are a women and looking for a job? Then this is for you. You xan start a beauty parlour and make a huge profit. You want to invest some money ro buy a shop and utensils. Most of the people are using beauty parlour to make up.

    15. Home canteen –Homely Food

    People are so busy nowadays because of their work and more. This is a big opportunity yo make a hotel. You can also make food from home and you can give it to the hotels and homes. Where the number of companies are increasing the demand for canteen is also will increase.

    Thank you for reading.
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