Hallo guys today we have to show you the top best Google Adsense alternatives for your Blogger and WordPress sites.

First of all Google Adsense is best because they are giving high cpc rates and high payments. But in some conditions Google Adsense does not give approval for some sites.

If your site has some views then you can use these types of AdSense alternatives.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2020
Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2020

    About Blogging

    Blogging is a best way to make money online. If you have a talent to write articles on your own words you can make money. In this world most of the people are making $1000 per day. You all know about Google AdSense. This is a best growing ad network in the world.

    Why AdSense pay me?

    I think you al have a doubt about what is the reason about AdSense paying us. Because the AdSense promoting more companies with their ads in our sites and YouTube channels. From the promoting of the companies AdSense will get a huge amount from the advertisers. And AdSense give a percentage of commission for the ad publishers. That is the reason. All the ad networks are same like this.

    Difference between Google Adsense and other ad networks

    Google Adsense is the world top-rated ad network company. They will only provide high quality ads and cpc rates. But in other ad networks they will not provide you the high quality ads. They will only provide low quality Ads and cpc rates.

    3 Best Google Adsense alternative for your website

    1. Infolinks

    Infolinks is a best ad network. They will give you the best cpm rates. The minimum withdrawal threshold of infolinks are for PayPal, Payoneer is $50 for wire transfer the withdrawal rate is $100.

    Reasons for your sites doesn't get approval from infolinks

    They have a privacy policy rules if your site is against their rupes they didn't give you the approval. If your site posts are gambling content rhey will not give you approval.

    How much I can earn from Inflolinks

    There is no limit. You can earn as much you can. They will not work in a fixed cpm rate. The cpm rates is differ for their advertisers.

    2. Propeller Ads

    Propeller ads is the another best AdSense alternative. There are four types of ads: Popunder, Push notification, Native ads and Interstitial ads. You can place any of these ads  for you choice. The minimum withdrawal amount is starting from $5 as per your withdrawal method. They are many many types to withdraw your earnings. They are Wore transfer, PayPal, UnionPay, Web money, Skrill and Alipay also.

    How can i approve my site

    There are no such rules to approval. There are instant approval. You have ro add your website and get the ad code and paste it below your site head. Then your site is approved. Then you can make ads and paste ad codes on your website.

    3. Pop Ads

    Popads is a best ad network for movie, mod apk, song and other downloading sites. They will give you best ad rates. They are pop ad network if you clicked a post with popads you will redirect to a advertiser's website. That is the ad of Popads.

    How can I get approval from PopAds

    There are no other rules ti get approval. Go to the official PopAds website. Then click on sign add yiur personal details and make a account. You will get a mail for verification. Click on the link in the mail and verify your account. Then go to the sign in option and add your sign in details. Then yiu will see the dashboard. Click on the website option in dashboard. Add your website url and you will get a verification code, paste the code on your website head and wait for 24 hours to get approval.

    How can I withdraw my earnings

    There are three types of withdrawal options are: Wire transfer, PayPal and Payoneer. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 is different for your withdrawal methods.


    In this post we told you about the best 3 Google AdSense alternatives. I think you have get the idea from our post. If you want to use a AdSense alternative you can use any of these alternatives as per your website content.

    Thank You for reading
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