There are many world famous scientists in India.  They have made their mark on various sciences and are written in the golden horns of history.

Top 5 Indian Scientists who changed the World

Indians have taken a proud part in all the scientific fields of the world today.  Here are the 5 best-known Indian scientists.

Srinivasa Ramanuchan

Top 5 Indian Scientists who changed the World

Srinivasa Ramanuchan was born on Eroad in Tamil Nadu on December 22, 1887.  India was under the British.  He did not have any formal education and later became the owner of an unparalleled personality in mathematics.  He solved many unresolved problems in mathematics.

He has studied in Government Arts College, Pachaiyappa's College, but did not earn degrees.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1916 from trinity College, Cambridge.

Essay on Highly Composite Numbers (1916).  The pioneers in science were G. H. Hardy, J. E. Littlewood, and G. S. Carr.  He was awarded the Fellow of the Royal Society in Science.
Major scientific achievements.

Landau – Ramanujan constant, Mock theta functions, Ramanujan conjecture, Ramanujan prime, Ramanujan – Soldner constant, Ramanujan theta function, Ramanujan’s sum, Rogers – Ramanujan identities, Ramanujan’s master theorem and Ramanujan – Sato series.
He died on 26 April 1920 In Kumbakonam at the Madras Presidency in British India.

CV Raman

Top 5 Indian Scientists who changed the World

CV Raman was one of the best known physicists in the field of physics and was behind the discovery of the world famous physics sciences known as CV Raman Effect.
He was born on November 7, 1888 in Thiruvanaikoil, Madras Presidency, British India.  His wife was Lokasundari Ammal.  His children were Chandrasekhar Raman and Venkatraman Radhakrishnan.

He obtained his Master's Degree from the University of Madras.  He has worked in the Indian Department of Finance, Rajabazar Science College (University of Calcutta), Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Indian Institute of Science and Raman Research Institute.  His main research students were N. Ramachandran, Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai and Shivaramakrishnan Pancharatnam.  His other students were Kariamanickam Srinivasa Krishnan and K. R. Ramanathan.

In 1924 he was awarded the Fellow of the Royal Society.  Matteucci Medal (1928), Knight Bachelor (1930), Hughes Medal (1930), Nobel Prize in Physics (1930), Bharat Ratna (1954) and Lenin Peace Prize (1957).
He died on 21 November 1970 in Bangalore, India.  He was died on his 82 age.

Homi Jehangir Bhabha

Top 5 Indian Scientists who changed the World

He is a person who has set a very clear footprint in the Indian nuclear energy.  He is known as the father of the Indian Nuclear Power Program.  He has held the position of Head of Institution in this field.  He was one of India's greatest achievements in nuclear testing.

He was born on October 30, 1909 in Bombay, British India.  Degree in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.  Indian nuclear program, Cascade process of cosmic radiations
 point particles

Bhabha Scattering
He is best known for his role in the theoretical prediction of Muon.
He won the Adams Prize (1942), Padma Bhushan (1954) and the Fellow of the Royal Society.  He died on January 24, 1966.

APJ Abdul Kalam

Top 5 Indian Scientists who changed the World

He is known as the Missileman of India.  He has made a mark in the field of science and politics alike.  He was the eleventh President of India.  He was president from July 25, 2002 to July 25, 2007.  His area of   expertise was aerospace engineering.  He was also a writer.

He was born on 15 October 1931 in Rameswaram, Madras Presidency, British India. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam is his full name.

St.  He was educated at Joseph's College, Tiruchirappalli and Madras Institute of Technology.
He worked for the Defense Research and Development Organization and the Indian Space Research Organization.

He won awards like Padma Bhushan (1981), Padma Vibhushan (1990), Bharat Ratna (1997), Hoover Medal (2009) and NSS Von Braun Award (2013).
His bestselling books were Wings of Fire, India 2020, Ignited Minds, Indomitable Spirit and Transcendence: Pramukh Swamiji with My Spiritual Experiences.

He died on July 27, 2015.  He was 83 years old at the time of his death.His final resting place is Pei Karumbu Ground, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India.

Salim Ali

Top 5 Indian Scientists who changed the World

He is known as the Bird Man of India.  He worked to prevent natural disasters and thereby achieve benefits.  In this one scene, he forgave many books and formed organizations.  He worked for the protection of the Silent Valley National Park.

Born on 12 November 1896 in Bombay Presidency, Bombay, British India.  His area of   work was Ornithology and Natural History.  He won the Padma Bhushan (1958), the Padma Vibhushan (1976) and the J. Paul Getty Award for Conservation Leadership (1975).  His wife was Tehmina Ali.  He died on 20 June 1987 at the age of ninety.  He died in Bombay, Maharashtra, India.  He is a bird that every bird watcher in India remembers.

Today I gave the small information about the famous scientists in India.

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